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Making sense of SRE and observability, one week at a time

What is site reliability engineering (SRE) really about? How can I make sense of it in my organisation? How do I cut through the buzzwords and actually improve the lives of my colleagues and customers?

Episode 86 - Evolving SLOs with Dom Finn
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Episode 85 - Feeling SaaSsy

This week I talk about the impact of SaaS-first technology strategies on the work of an SRE. I pose questions about observability, ownership, on-call, and how much control we have over reliability. You can find the Bleeding Tech blog on Medium: You can find Stephen at: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: TikTok:

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Stephen Townshend

About the host

Stephen has a background in SRE and performance engineering. He has worked in the industry for 15 years as both an external consultant and an internal engineer.

Our industry is full of buzzwords and exaggerations, it can be hard to know what is real or not. Stephen strives to take these complex technical concepts and to simplify and present them in a way everyone can understand and apply (and to call out when something is too good to be true).

Stephen lives in Auckland, New Zealand and currently works as a Developer Advocate for SquaredUp, as well as promoting and improving observability and SRE practices internally in the organisation.